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 Заголовок сообщения: Description of the server x1 in English
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21 ноя 2010, 23:44
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Full-Skills Encnant server x1.

New server x1 of all skills in one character (multiprof) + Encnant (scrolls 99% chance - rollback if up to 80% from the current enchant, blessed scrolls 99% chance - rollback when breaking up to 99% from the current enchant!).

Rates: x1 x1 x1 x1 x1 and only x1

Full multiprof, in alt B for SP you can learn the skills of all professions of your level!
The chance of enchant scrolls is 99%; if it fails, things do NOT break, and the point is partially reset.

"x1" - reveals the full meaning of character development, resource extraction and weapons, armors, etc., conceived by the creators of Lineage 2! At the same time I want to assure all of you that our x1 multiprofit enchant will not be a typical tedious x1, the speed and dynamics of development in the game will be unpredictably fast, you will have a powerful character carrying everything in its path. No GMshop, all weapons armor through drop spoil craft !!!
"Multiprof" - check if you know how to play using all the skills of all professions of the game in 1 character, if you can’t do it, you can learn !!!
"enchant chip" - a high chance of regular enchant scrolls and 99% preserving enchant using blessed will provide (as the experience of our servers shows) an infinitely long and interesting game on this server to all players, which guarantees that the online will not fall in a week !!!

Stats of all professions 50 50 50 50 50 25, that is, the prof that you choose to start with is just an appearance that you like and basic skills, and then put together the character you wish, learn the skills you need. This will allow the server to play both an elf and a human and a gnome, and not like on old multiprofs where only huge orcs run.


- The attack / defense multiplier rb and epic rb - x4
- HP regen rb x5
- When using bonuses / services that increase rates, party rates are calculated by the participant with the lowest rates.
- class master 1, 2, 3 professions.
- Autoloot true
- Chance of crafting masterwork items - 3%
- Kraft masterwork of the upper armor is allowed
- Sub class quest!
- The maximum level that can be taken is 85, sub 80
- in the forge of Giran the possibility of a blacksmith and merchant mammon
- Blacksmiths have crystallization function
- Nobless teleports available for all
- LS items can be transferred, discarded and sold.
- Modifier of the maximum load weight x100
- The chance that the monster will be the champion blue 3% and red 1%
- Quests are given to all participants and not just those who finish the party
- Vitality is disabled
- rollback time for the .km-all-to-me command 120 sec
- restriction on enchant on Olympus +6
- siege period 2 weeks
- auction is disabled
- The required number of people in the clan to raise the level:
# Up to level 6: 3
# To level 7: 5
# To level 8: 8
# To level 9: 12
# To level 10: 14
# To level 11: 17
- The required number of clan reputation to raise the level:
# To level 6: 500
# To level 7: 1000
# To level 8: 2000
# To level 9: 4000
# To level 10: 4000
# To level 11: 7500
- hb level 11
- increased karma for pc, better not to PK
- increased drop from PC and increased distance of objects scatter when drop from PC
- nobless on the quest
- books on skills 80+ are mined only by playing
- if the monster is 9 levels or more above you, then you will not get a drop and experience from it
- a lot of changes in the work of skills in terms of removing the binding to the weapon (for example, totems of the shooting gallery can be used not only with brass knuckles)
- a part of self buffs has a duration of 1 hour
- in front of each teleport from alt + B in the location, the level of monsters is signed, it is convenient when it occurs where to swing at the right level

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