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 Заголовок сообщения: Description of the server x3
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21 ноя 2010, 23:44
Сообщения: 744
We invite everyone to open the server on 18:00 August 23, 2019!

Full-Skills x3 server (not grinding!).

New server x3 of all skills in one character (multiprof).

Rates: x3 x1 x3 x3 x3

Full multiprof, in alt B for SP you can learn the skills of all professions of your level!

"x3" - the rate is close to x1 and it is he who reveals the full meaning of character development, resource extraction weapons weapons, etc., conceived by the creators of Lineage 2 !!! At the same time I want to assure you all that our x3 will not be a typical boring low rate, the speed and dynamics of development in the game is very fast, you will have a powerful character carrying everything in its path. No GMshop, all weapons armor through drop spoil craft !!!
"Full-Skills Multiprof" - requires skills to play, using all the skills of all professions of the game in 1 character, if you do not know how it hurts, you can learn !!!

Stats of all professions 50 50 50 50 35 25, that is, the prof that you choose to start with is just an appearance that you like and basic skills, and then put together the character you wish, learn the skills you need. This will allow the server to play both an elf and a man and a gnome, and not like on old multiprofs where only huge orcs run.


- the maximum enchant +20, safe +3, the chance of sharpening changes to decrease.
- The attack / defense multiplier rb and epik rb - x2
- HP regen rb x5
- When using bonuses / services that increase rates, party rates are calculated by the participant with the lowest rates.
- class master 1, 2, 3 professions.
- Automatic selection
- Chance of crafting masterwork items - 3%
- Kraft masterwork of the upper armor is allowed
- Sub class quest!
- The maximum level that can be taken is 85, sub 85
- in the forge of Giran the possibility of a blacksmith and merchant mammon
- Blacksmiths have crystallization function
- Nobless teleports available for all
- Inlaid items can be transferred, discarded and sold.
- Modifier of the maximum tolerated weight x100
- The chance that the monster will be the champion blue (x2) 3% and red (x4) 3%
- Quests are given to all participants, not just those who finish the party
- Vitality is disabled
- rollback time for the .km-all-to-me command 120 sec
- restriction on enchant on Olympus +6
- siege period 2 weeks
- auction is disabled
- disabled sale of simple and shadow items in stores
- The required number of people in the clan to raise the level:
# To level 6: 3
# To level 7: 5
# To level 8: 8
# To level 9: 12
# To level 10: 14
# To level 11: 17
- The required number of clan reputation to raise the level:
# To level 6: 500
# To level 7: 1000
# To level 8: 2000
# To level 9: 4000
# To level 10: 4000
# To level 11: 7500
- hb level 11
- nobility on the quest
- books on skills 80+ are mined by playing or buying in a store for adena
- if the monster is 8 levels or more above you, then you will not get a drop and experience from it
- a lot of changes in the work of skills in terms of removing the binding to the weapon (for example, the totems of the shooting gallery can be used not only with brass knuckles)
- a part of self buffs has a duration of 1 hour
- in front of each teleport from alt + B in the location, the level of monsters is signed, it is convenient when it occurs where to swing at the right level

Teams available to players in the game

Services available from the game:
1. change of nickname
2. sex change
3. change of nick color
4. premium accout
5. selling heroism
6. clan management

Events on the server
1.Last Hero

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 Заголовок сообщения: Re: Description of the server x3
СообщениеДобавлено: 03 авг 2019, 16:18 
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21 ноя 2010, 23:44
Сообщения: 744
Some thoughts and information on the new x3 server.

How to play on the new x3 server?
Starting the game starts as standard in the starting locations as on all classic Lineage 2 servers. When created, the character appears in the original clothes, without any bonuses and without adena, it is not scary, all that will be necessary you can get during the game. I want to note that first of all it will be necessary to use Alt + B and zafafat character to the full, immediately after this mobs will fall with a bang. For normal kacha to level 20-25 will be enough initial weapons. At level 18, I recommend doing a quest for the first profession. Upon its completion, you will reach level 20 and will immediately be with the first professional. If you collect 300k, then you can buy a prof from a master class, but considering that it is very easy to do and in fact you also swing, it is better to go through it and save 300k, and buy better weapons for this money.
Next, open the Alt + B tab “learn skills”, review the skills (abilities) of other professions and choose the most useful ones for yourself, as there will not be enough joint ventures for everything and we learn what you like.
For the convenience of players in Alt + B in the tab "Teleport" there is a section "Where to swing?" there, in front of each location, the levels of mobs are signed, it greatly simplifies the search for locations for Kacha, select the right one and forward everything in its path :)
Even in the game there are so-called "Pokemons" - NPCs appear randomly near you when you swing, you can "catch" them by throwing at them a "poke ball" that you can buy in the Alt + B store, you will get items from the Pokemon by collecting the required which you can in the store Alt + B buy various useful items.
Separately, I would like to note that if the mob is 9 lvlov and higher from you, then the experience does not give for it and there will not be a drop, all the “strong” and without this measure 20 levels would swing at the 50+ level of the mobs.
It should be noted that light armor has a number of advantages for pumping, you can learn different versions from light armor buffers, which increase both the attack speed and the speed of the magic attack.
Swinging pretty effectively, after teaching several attacking magic skills, this does not mean that physical damage is worse than magic, but magicians attack from far away and this is convenient especially when the mob drops from 1 feed.

"Balance" prof?
"It is necessary to adjust the balance" this phrase is pronounced on each server of Lineage 2, but I will tell you that there is no balance on one server for several reasons, these are curves of settings, these are different opportunities of prof, this is their own vision of "balance" for each player, generally quite a controversial issue.
And here I want to say that on our new multiprof server x3 this problem will not be, since for every character, regardless of the profession, all skills will be available for learning, and among other things there will still be the same basic stats of all professional, that is, there will be no server Orcs as on classic multiprofs or server some other mainstream professional. Moreover, there will be a race of Kamaels and the buffs of the race of Kamael will fall not only on the Kamaels, but also on other profes.
That is, I declare with confidence that the "balance", namely the "question of its absence" on our server, will be resolved once and for all, the server will be without this problem. All players, regardless of the chosen profession, will be on an equal footing in pvp, and this is very cool!

Craft spoil all together!
Another nice moment when you can combine all skills on the server on one spell, is that you don’t need to create separate krafter and spoiler twinks, since you can teach them skills and hack resources to create things. Also, you do not have to worry about soluchots, having obtained a recipe, you can create them yourself. It turns out that you are not just uselessly swinging, killing locomotives of mobs, but also spoil them in twofold more pleasant.

And I would also like to say that server optimization and work on its improvement will continue even after it has been launched, since many people will come to the server’s start, new wishes will emerge, any nuances about the game that are not previously known will be found out, and based on them improvements, all this will make the server every day better and more interesting !!!

An important moment in our new Full-Skills server, namely, the duration of such skills as zialot, frenzi, gats icons, etc.
As I often say - they are on the other multiprof for an hour, but we will have them on the office. And it will be so for the reason that we do NOT have a typical multiprof, which is full and which simply copy is nonsense.
We have increased the buffs of the self up to 1 hour because it is convenient when rebuffing, but doing the limits by the hour is completely turning the whole dynamics of the game, killing the meaning of these skills, because I don’t see any sense from just big stats, more correctly when the players they are able at the right time to correctly use these skills, strengthening their character and demonstrating their ability to play, and the limits of the action by the hour do not require any skills.
Therefore, for those who think in patterns of regular multiprof x100500, our Full-Skills server is most likely not under

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 Заголовок сообщения: Re: Description of the server x3
СообщениеДобавлено: 23 авг 2019, 11:45 
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21 ноя 2010, 23:44
Сообщения: 744
start 18:00

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